My first Oracle Course

Saturday, July 10, 2010

After waiting for couple of months finally enough students signed up for the “Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II Release 2” and we could start with the course.

Given that most of the topics were already familiar to me I didn’t expect to learn much. So I must confess that I was a bit sceptical about the course.

But the course exceeded all my expectations...

The biggest benefit of taking this in-class course was the opportunity to talk with our lecturer and classmates about various stuff in person. Most of my questions were out of the scope of the slides but we discussed about them anyway. Our lecturer was very accessible and clear in his explanations.

My classmates were great, lecturer was great and I’ve learned much so I think this is very well spent money :)

If you are considering about taking Oracle course I would recommend to choose in-class instead of online especially if the price is the same.

Now to catch up with blogs, forums, mails...

Regards ;)



  • Aman....

    The LVC course is not bad. All depends in both ILT and LVC is how the trainer is going to conduct the course. I just finished yesterday one LVC for 11g Performance Tuning and I guess, guys were happy. Yes ,I do agree that "human touch" is surely missing from LVC and as the price is same for both, its a big loss. But if one can't travel , its a good thing to be at your place and attend the course :) .


  • Marko Sutic

    I agree with you completely Aman ;)


  • Dejan Topalovic

    Ko ti je bio predavac? Je l' Antun Vuksic ili neko drugi?

    Evo ja bas ganjam dva napredna kursa, koji su uvjet za polaganje ispita za OCM ispit - skoro 6 000 EUR moram platiti - oderase me skroz...

  • Marko Sutic

    Oho, ideš ti na OCM - ajde sretno ti bilo onda. Nadam se da će ti se isplatiti svi ti uloženi novci jednom kad dođeš do certifikata ;)

    Inače, predavač mi je bio Duško Dimitrijević..


  • Fahd Mirza

    I would prefer the in class course always. I have attended both LVC and in class courses, and I prefer in class.

  • Mahesh

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