How to configure Active/Passive Failover cluster using Grid Infrastructure 12cR1

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'm big fan of tools like VirtualBox or VmWare because they offer you opportunity to try various "enterprise" configurations, installations and scenarios on your notebook. Maybe the biggest benefit for my learning lies in these tools.

In this post I will share with you document about creation of Active/Passive failover cluster using Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12cR1 on OEL 6.4. There you can find screenshots taken during my playing in virtual environment packed in PDF document.

You will probably find many configuration/installation mistakes. This is why I set this document to be v1.0 version – I plan to change many things based on your suggestions.
I’m not native English speaker so there are probably lots grammatical or spelling errors also.

But still, as I already wrote document for myself, I have decided to share it with Oracle community for educational purposes.

If you are interested in this subject, and if you take some time to read document, please send me your suggestions and objections.

PDF document: Active Passive Failover Cluster 12c Configuration for Oracle Databases
Active Passive Failover Cluster 12c Configuration for Oracle Databases

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    Thank you for sharing this Marko, It's very informative.

  • Unknown
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  • Hi,
    Is there a way to convert existing 11gR2 Two node RAC installation to Active-Passive.


  • Marko Sutic


    just convert RAC to non-RAC single instance database.
    Then add scripts to manage Oracle resources in case you want "free" active-passive cluster.


  • GK

    Hello Marko,

    It seems link is not working. I am unable to download the file. Can you please send it to me at

    Thanks is advance.

    Gaurav Kashyap

  • Marko Sutic

    Hello Gaurav,

    I have uploaded document on SCRIBD and updated blog post with another location for document.

    Hope this is working for you.


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